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What is wrong with the operation of the coiler?
When the coiling machine is in operation, abnormal sounds often appear, such as the sound inside the machine, the motor horsepower is not enough, or the burnt smell is abnormal. How is this solved?
The analysis of the insiders shows that the abnormal sound of the work of the coiling machine is mainly manifested in two aspects:
One: The bending machine has abnormal noise or impact sound inside the machine during work.
Solution: Turn off the machine and disconnect the power to the machine at work. Parts that are audible or percussive are opened by factory maintenance workers to check for loose screws, small parts, etc. Screws should be installed in place in time, and small parts should be reinstalled or repaired.
Two: The abnormality of the machine motor in the work of the bending machine, such as abnormal sound, insufficient horsepower, and burnt smell.
Solution: Immediately turn off the total power of the coiler and check if the supply voltage is in place. If the voltage is not enough, stop the machine and avoid burning the motor. If it is not solved, it can be opened by the factory maintenance worker to check if there is any damage to the small parts, so take measures.
If you have not solved the abnormal sound of the coiler according to the above two methods, it is recommended to find a professional person to check the repair.
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